Program Notes: Replaying the past, longing for a simple delay, longing to be back, as if reminiscences could make it last. a new chapter of life has now begun
do I leave my past behind?
closing my eyes
remembering every single one we were wild,
we were young
we were loud,
we were fun.

but most of all,
we were free. Passed years seem safe ones, vanquished ones, while the future lives in a cloud.

‘Reminiscence, is a quality debut, an abstract work with a persuasive concept underlying the dance and shading the interpretation with gentle longing. The choreography is full of fluid, off-balance movements perfectly suited to these tall dancers: the interplay of limbs creating innovative shapes and pattern’.
—, Maggie Foyer

Photos by: Youngmo Choi (1) Sam Asaert (2 & 3)