Program Notes: One amongst many, we search for a partnership, a team to belong to. Sometimes the moments we experience are alone, sometimes shared. There is an uncertainty in this world as we carry about the secret baggage from our past. What or who can make us happy and how can we know when we are truly content? Craig Davidson returned to Australia to create an elegant, lyrical world premiere for the West Australian Ballet. ‘Call it classical with a twist’.

‘Davidson’s wonderfully musical, flowing movements, classical lines and canons with contrasting solos and pas de deux, some sharp and bright, others more languid and reflective, folding and unwinding’
— Dance Australia, Margaret Mercer

‘With dancers appearing and disappearing like a magician’s doves and rabbits. There was a hint of ballroom in the staging, with the dancers appearing introspective to the nth degree and largely unconscious of the audience. An impressive piece’.

Photos by: Sergey Pevnev