‘With | In | Sight’ The grandeur of this contemporary triple bill was blissful to watch

Australian choreographer Craig Davidson has created world premieres for ballet companies around the word and his With|In|Sight is another for West Australian Ballet. It focuses on the disparity between moments of chaos and clarity in our existence – apt for our present situation. It opens (and ends) with a smokey, underlit stage and the emerging solitary figure of Juan Carlos Osma who, with his usual technical assuredness and magnetism sets the tone for the following eight dancers.

They give a mesmerising reading of Davidson’s intentions, characterised by rotating duets, sculptured arm shapes, perilous lifts, eye-balling stares at the audience and intriguing, layered choreography. They are attired in attractive grey and pale-green costumes with touches of cherry red, designed by Alana Sargent, and are almost force fed in their passionate stage presence by Johnathan Heck’s momentous music. It was visually beautiful, expertly performed and makes a great attempt at trying to define the soul.

By Rita Clarke of Limelight magazine.