‘With | In | Sight’ – STATE – West Australian Ballet – Hitting the high notes at 70

The world premiere of With In Sight, by internationally-renowned Australian choreographer Craig Davidson, opens the evening. It’s an atmospherically ambient work of layered movement, soundscapes and muted visual palettes. Davidson explores the inevitability of personal turmoil and its relationship to clarity. Sometimes everything falls into place, pepped with serendipity.

The sensory elements of With In Sight – the choreography, Damien Cooper’s shadowy pale pastel mists, Jonathan Heck’s moodily layered score, and Alana Sargent’s elegantly subdued costumes – fall into an ambiguous space between turmoil and clarity, their peaks and troughs clipped, their sharp edges rounded.

It is interesting to experience movement as you might experience ambient music – hypnotic, trance like. The dancers feed this mood, shifting between metronomic gesticulations and smooth, sliding transitions, the tempo of layered movement converging, merging and overlapping. This is an intriguing work that plays with the mood state of its audience.


By Kim Balfour of Seesaw magazine.