‘Entropy’ Young dancers shine: Junior Ballett Zürich in Impulse

Davidson’s Entropy is enclosed in white walls marked out by panels of light that suggest high windows to the outside world. On a theme of adapting to change, Davidson uses the full company of fourteen dancers in an expertly structured work, striking a balance between complexity and clarity. The choreography is defined in clean classical shapes with arms and body angles ringing the changes. The patterning is skilful and the subtle shifts between working in ensemble and cannon keep the stage alive with interest.

The simple yet elegance of the costumes gives definition to the sculptured bodies configured in lines and geometric patterns interspersed with duets. In the cool lighting and accompanied by the tingling atmospheric sounds of Nicholas Thayer’s score. Désirée Guler and George Susman open with a lyrical duet in neo-classical form. A dramatic change comes as a strong pulse is introduced in a wash of golden light. Greta Calzoula and Théo Just take centre stage complementing the change with in a complex, thrilling partnership before Just joins Luca D’Amato in a dynamic male pairing where bodies mirror and complement. The second half is crowned by a duet of riveting intensity from Marta Andreitsiv and D’Amato, dancers with great presence who bring out the quality in every moment.

It was an exhilarating performance. These young dancers have the technique to handle the very demanding choreography while never letting skill overwhelm artistry and personal warmth.


By Maggie Foyer of Seeingdance.com