‘Parts per Million’ Bespoke, Queensland Ballet

Parts per Million, according to choreographer Craig Davidson, looks at human behaviour patterns and the idea of change. The performance pushed the audience to consider how we operate on a daily basis and question what we need to change in response to the work around us. This was a dramatic and precise performance. With highly coordinated mass choreography interspersed with solos and duets that were filled with emotion – some tentative and gentle, some aggressive and frenetic and others sensual and soft. The dancing was technically perfected beautifully expressive. However, a great deal of magic of the performance was created by the perfect marriage of dance, music and most importantly lighting. The drama and emotion of the dance were accentuated by the dramatic and emotive musical score composed by Nicholas Thayer. While the choreography and the storytelling were bought to life by Cameron Goerg’s precise and striking Lighting design.

By JC of weekendnotes.com