‘Parts per Million’ Queensland Ballet’s contemporary season

The piece Parts per Million is a dynamic sequence with patterns of dancers invoking symbolic group movement. A retinue with austere lighting and deep trance moving to clockwork like sound by Thayer, seemingly depicting a reference to society and the rhythm of life. Breathtaking duets highlighted the human depth of experience. At times a white lit monitor moved randomly through the dancers referencing our modern romance with screens. This visual experience with sophisticated, simple costumes by Alana Sergeant in monochrome presented as gender fluid/non-binary, provided a perfect compliment to this work. Thayer’s grainy, and at times textural, velvety atmospheric soundscapes gave a sense of immersion and interplayed with Cameron Georg’s lighting masterfully. The prowess of the dancers showcased cutting edge choreography by Craig Davidson. Echos of German constructivism are inherent in this work.

By Sally Peters of ArtsHub.