‘Ambiguous Content’ West Australian Ballet at the Quarry – Dance Australia

Choreographer Craig Davidson’s Ambiguous Content with distinctive side-lighting be Ben Fry, and set to a rich mix of music by Johann Paul von Westhoff, Philip Glass, Max Richter, Jóhann Jóhannsson and Ólafur Arnalds followed after a short interval. In Kate Vanables’s stylish-designed blue-grey leotards, tops and tights, the cast of eight (the four ladies on pointe) impressed in Davidson’s wonderfully musical, flowing movements, classical lines and cannons with contrasting solos and pas de deus, some sharp and bright, others more languid and reflective, folding and unwinding. Among eight splendid performers, Brooke Widdison-Jacobs, Florence Leroux-Coléno, new comer Chihiro Nomura and Alessio Scognamiglio caught the eye.

By Margret Mercer of Dance Australia.