‘Counterbalance’ Royal Ballet of Flanders – Dance Europe

The ace in the pack, and the one where music, choreography and dance perfectly complemented each other, was Counterbalance, which opened the performance. The choreographer (soloist Craig Davidson, originally from Australia) used ten dancers, five men and five woman in a supremely confident work.

By taking two contrasting movements from a Bach Concerto, he did exactly what the title implied, balanced one against the other. The first a series of calm, fluidly interweaving pas de deux, the second all exuberant joyous dance, with skilful entrances and exits, unusual and speedy floor work, visually so attractive as to leave one wanting more. Good costuming too, simple loose slashed pants for the men, flowing dresses for the women.

If this well constructed ballet is a debut – and I believe it is – we shall certainly be seeing more from Davidson.

By Judith Delme for Dance Europe.